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The Benefits of BOLD

BOLD outdoor lighting products are designed for and inspired by North American professionals. We are dedicated to creating high-quality, modern, and efficient landscape lighting solutions for industry pros. You might be asking, "why should I switch to BOLD products?" The answer is simple:

  • Industry-leading products
  • Efficient installations
  • Free training & educational content
  • Premium quality products
  • A community of industry professionals
  • Unbeatable customer support
  • And more!
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Efficient Installation

Our patent-pending Cobra Connector is small, smart, and fast. Features include: an indicator light, dielectric grease, secure connection points, and more.

Industry Leading Support

Speak with our experienced team to get the support you need. Our team is dedicated to you and your success!

7-Year Warranty

All of our products are backed by a 7-year comprehensive warranty. We don't just cover parts or pieces, we stand by our products completely and our process is painless.

Premium Quality

Committed to pouring thoughtful intention into each product, we use materials such as marine grade anodized aluminium and cast 304 stainless steel. CRI 90+ and IP65+ on all fixtures.

Training & Education

We're committed to providing you with the training needed for effective and efficient installations. But we don't just focus on installation: lighting design, techniques, marketing, sales & more!  

What Industry Pros are Saying

Sam Harris, M&H Land Co

I'm always looking for something unique, something that stands out, and something that will take my projects to the next level. BOLD has exactly what I'm looking for.

Nathan Talsma, StoneHaven Landscape Design

BOLD is a brand that is encompassing collaboration, and pushing the envelope on how we are installing lights, how we are making our profit margins better, and how we are elevating these spaces. And that's what BOLD is bringing together for us. It's exciting to work together with all these different contractors and being ahead of the curve on everything with innovative ways of doing lighting excited me so much!

Erik Poor, Poorboy Lighting

BOLD is going to help my business grow by their continued support that we know and expect, the knowledge base of training to make sure we are the most educated, as the installers. I really think BOLD is next level above anybody else.

Domenic Raimondo, DGR Landscape Lighting

Now seeing BOLD, it's only going to be BOLD. Because BOLD is the future, right?

Matt Bell, Geller's Design | Build | Landscape

BOLD has the ability to change how we install outdoor living systems for our clients. BOLD is going to increase our product offerings, increase our revenue, and change the game on how a customer is able to enjoy their yard.

3 Steps to Become a BOLD Pro

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Step 2: Get Approved

Check your inbox for a confirmation email to verify your account once it’s approved. We will reach out if we need more info.

Step 3: Login

Login and start accessing your BOLD Pro benefits and start your first project with BOLD!

50,000 Hour Life Expectancy

Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum & Cast 304 Stainless Steel

7-Year Comprehensive Warranty

CRI 90+

No fine print. No exceptions.

IP 65+

IP 67 Spot & Recessed


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