The BOLD Corporation


7-Year Comprehensive Warranty

At BOLD, we are proud to offer a 7-year comprehensive warranty. We don't just cover parts or pieces; we stand by our products completely. Unlike other companies that have fine print rules about only replacing pieces or parts, our warranty coverage includes the entire product. If you do have a warranty issue, we will replace the whole fixture. Our warranty covers BOLD fixtures and system (transformers, connectors, etc.).

Submitting a Warranty Claim

If you have a warranty claim, please reach out to your BOLD representative or email us at We will help you through the painless warranty process.

Prior to fulfilling any warranty requests, our team will walk you through a standard troubleshooting checklist to see if we can help fix the problem before replacing the product. We may ask for photos, videos, and/or details pertaining to the issue.

Voiding the BOLD Warranty

We highly recommend you use a BOLD transformer to power your lighting system to ensure that we can help with installation, warranty issues, and troubleshooting.

If you choose to use another transformer, ensure that is from a reputable landscape lighting brand, that it has enough capacity for all of your fixtures, and that it is 12V low-voltage. Please note that if you choose to use another transformer, it may affect our ability to provide troubleshooting or warranty support for your entire system, including light fixtures and may void the 7-year warranty completely.