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50,000 Hour Life Expectancy

Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum & Cast 304 Stainless Steel

7-Year Comprehensive Warranty

CRI 90+

No fine print. No exceptions.

IP 65+

IP 67 Spot & Recessed

BOLD is a brand that is encompassing collaboration, and pushing the envelope on how we are installing lights, how we are making our profit margins better, and how we are elevating these spaces. And that's what BOLD is bringing together for us.

Nathan Talsma, StoneHaven Landscape Design

BOLD has the ability to change how we install outdoor living systems for our clients. BOLD is going to increase our product offerings, increase our revenue, and change the game on how a customer is able to enjoy their yard.

Matt Bell, Geller's Design | Build | Landscape

BOLD is taking what we're doing right now and taking it to the next level. The layers and the technology that they're putting into this, no one else has. It's taking a good thing and making it BETTER.

Erik Poor, Poorboy Electric & Lighting