Maximize the potential of your outdoor lighting system and fixtures with a wide range of BOLD accessories. Customize and tailor your outdoor lighting experience to perfectly suit your space and the specific preferences for your customers. Explore the innovative methods to install and personalize a BOLD system, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and highly functional outdoor lighting solution. 


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Cobra Duo
Cobra DuoSKU: CC-02Low Voltage Cable Accessory
FangSKU: AC-FANG-60Recessed Light Accessory
Wall Mount S
Wall Mount SSKU: AC-SL-MOUNT-SSpotlight Mounting Bracket
Wall Mount
Wall MountSKU: AC-SL-MOUNTSpotlight Mounting Bracket
Reflector S
Reflector SSKU: AC-SL-RFLCTR-SSpotlight Accessory
ReflectorSKU: AC-SL-RFLCTRSpotlight Accessory
Fang Mini
Fang MiniSKU: AC-FANG-22Recessed Light Accessory