The Cobra Connector is a patent-pending quick connector that makes installing landscape lighting incredibly efficient.
Strong steel prongs (we call them Fangs) pierce the low-voltage cable to create a secure connection.
Pushing the lever closed on the bottom pushes the Fangs up into the cable. It also dispenses dielectric grease (or Venom, as well like to call it), creating an air tight seal.
Once the secure connection is made, the indicator light will turn on. This makes installation and troubleshooting much more efficient.


BOLD’s patent-pending Cobra Connector is an industry-leading solution for efficient lighting installations. Strong, smart, and fast: the Cobra Connector is designed to be an outdoor living pro’s dream.


Built to Last

The body of the Cobra Connector is made from materials designed to withstand harsh climates and wide temperature ranges, while still being lightweight and easy to install.

The Cobra will not disconnect from fixtures regardless of freeze-thaw, high temperatures, accidental pulling of cables, etc. because it is fastened together securely with a threaded collar.

The built-in o-ring acts as a barrier for moisture and dirt, ensuring that natural elements will not infiltrate the connection.


The Indicator Light

There is an indicator light built into the connector lead that will illuminate when a secure connection is made between the low-voltage cable and the Cobra.

Immediately you’ll know if the connection is good to go during installation because the green light will turn on. If a fixture isn’t working, you don’t have to check the connection and the light: if the light is on, you know you’ve got a fixture issue.


Increased Efficiency

Installing the Cobra Connector takes less than 10 seconds: severely reducing the time it takes to install lights.

Forget about splicing wires, using marrettes, or bulky connectors, the Cobra Connector is designed to make installations efficient and easy. So easy in fact, that the clamp technology makes it 2x faster to install than other leading connection systems in the industry.

There are only 5 incredibly simply steps for installing the Cobra:


Open the latch.


Place the cable on the channel.


Close the latch to lock the cable in place.


Push the lever closed to pierce the cable with the Fangs and dispense the dielectric grease. This is when the indicator light will turn on.


Connect the fixture with the Cobra Connector by threading the two connection points together.

The Cobra Connector

The Cobra Connector

BOLD's patent-pending Cobra Connector is an industry game-changer. This compact, smart, and secure connector adds a whole new layer of efficiency to job sites. It's built of durable materials, desi...