Why are BOLD products ETL Listed?

BOLD Outdoor Lighting Box

There is little to no difference between UL Listing and ETL Listing for electrical products (including low-voltage landscape lighting products). To understand the difference between the two NRTLs (and what an NRTL is), we've written a very helpful articleWe highly suggest reading that article first, before continuing on with this one.

As a manufacturer, BOLD utilizes ETL testing and certifications for our outdoor lighting products. There were two key factors that went into this decision:

1. Time

2. Cost

At BOLD, the purpose of everything we do is driven by North American professionals. This even comes down to how we certify our products to ensure they safe to use and install.


ETL testing for products is typically quicker than other NRTLs, especially in comparison to UL. As a manufacturer that wants to provide solutions to our customers quickly, Intertek (ETL) was the clear winner when choosing which NRTL stamp we wanted on our products.We don't want to waste time waiting in line when we don't have to!The actual testing and certification time is the same between any NRTL (because all NRTLs are subject to the exact same standards), a company like UL just has a longer waiting-list and this wasn't something we wanted to be restricted by.

We are continuously innovating and updating our products based on feedback from our customers, and we didn't want these solutions to be delayed by months because of long processing periods with testing facilities like UL. We've also got lots of exciting new technology on the horizon and we just can't wait to get it into our customers' hands... So we've opted to skip the waiting lines in favor of putting better products into professionals' hands faster.


We've made it a priority to ensure BOLD is a good business decision for professionals. We know that if we're able to provide better pricing to our customers, they are able to be more profitable on their job sites as well. This commitment to our professionals runs deep, so anywhere that we are able to save on manufacturing costs (without sacrificing even a little bit of quality), we will do so. It just makes good business sense!


In North America, the testing procedures and standards for all NRTLs are the same. This means that whether a product is tested and approved by ETL, UL, or any other NRTL makes no difference with regard to the standards it is required to meet. Taking advantage of the benefits of ETL listing in order to provide a faster and more cost-effective solution for our customers just makes the most sense to us.

If you have questions or want to learn more about BOLD's products, our testing, or our certifications, you can reach out to us at support@boldpros.com to 1-833-472-9960.

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