4Z1WS Concrete Core Drill Press With Stand


Drill smooth & straight holes every time with the 4Z1WS Concrete Core Drill Press from Bluerock Tools.

Designed to drill through concrete, pavers & stone.This powerful, stable, and handy drill press comes included with a stand and should be used in combination with our Water Swivel and Diamond Drill Bits to achieve seamless 60mm and 22mm recessed lighting installations.

Compatible with Ruby, Diamond, Cube, Prism, Silo, Ray and Onyx lights in all sizes and shapes. Diamond Drill Bits and Water Swivel sold separately.

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Product specification

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Improved water hose assembly with metal fittings and hardware for "wet" drilling
110V AC
Dual Speed
Arbor Size
1 1/4" 7UNC


  • Pavers
  • Concrete

  • Stone
  • Wet drilling tool


  • 4Z1WS Concrete Core Drill Press (x1)
  • Core Drill Stand (x1)