2D Lighting Design Package


BOLD's 2D lighting design presentation package is meant to assist with product selection: our designers will choose the products best suited for the space. The included cable plan also makes installation more efficient and is a valuable tool to keep on hand for future troubleshooting.

The 2D package includes a 2D cable and lighting plan plus a break down of all products included in the design.

Design guarantee: Our design packages are meant to utilize our designers' expertise to help you find the products that are best suited for your space. That's why we'll refund you the full amount of the 2D design when you spend $2,500 or more on BOLD products after purchasing the 2D design package!

*Expected delivery time: 1.5 - 2 weeks from date of purchase. Delivery time may very depending on the capacity of our designers.

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    Product specification

    Explore detailed product information to make informed decisions based on features, specifications, and performance, catering to both technical experts and novice users.



    • Installation aid
    • Sales tool
    • Professional lighting design


    • 2D Lighting & cable plan
    • PDF Presentation file
    • 1 Free revision
    • Personalized shopping cart
    • For U.S. orders: Free when you spend $2,500 USD or more
    • For Canada orders: Free when you spend $3,200 CAD or more