The Cobra Connector

The Cobra Connector

BOLD's patent-pending Cobra Connector is an industry game-changer. This compact, smart, and secure connector adds a whole new layer of efficiency to job sites. It's built of durable materials, designed to withstand harsh North American climates, and goes above and beyond any other quick connector on the market. 

Built to Last

The body of the Cobra Connector is made from Nylon 6/6 which is a high-quality and super durable plastic. We use nylon because it is a lightweight but strong material that is one of the most versatile engineering thermoplastics.

Compared to other materials such as nylon 6, we chose nylon 6/6 because it can withstand a greater temperature range and provides a much more reliable long-term performance. Its abrasion and heat resistance are the defining properties that make it the best choice for the Cobra Connector.

To ensure a secure and long-lasting connection between the Cobra and fixture, we've utilized a threaded collar, an o-ring, and a two-pin connection point. The threaded collar makes twisting the connection shut simple but secure. The Cobra will not disconnect from fixtures regardless of freeze-thaw, high temperatures, accidental pulling of cables, etc. because it is fastened together securely. The o-ring acts as a barrier for moisture and dirt, ensuring that natural elements will not infiltrate the connection. And lastly, the two-pin connection facilitates a secure electrical connection that ensures the smooth performance of both the connector and the light fixture, while still maintaining its compact size.

Fangs and Venom

The four fangs (two teeth per electric wire) that are built into the Cobra are made from manganese steel (also referred to as Hadfield steel or mangalloy). We chose manganese steel for the connector because it's known for it's high impact strength/durability and its higher resistance to corrosion and rust than other metals. When you combine the manganese steel that pierces the low-voltage cable and the dielectric grease the connector injects, you're creating a long-lasting and air-tight connection.

The dielectric grease, or venom as we like to call it here, is a water-proof insulator that seals the punctures made to the low-voltage cable by the fangs. Dielectric grease keeps water and moisture out of electrical systems (in this case, the low-voltage cable and the rest of the BOLD system) and helps mitigate any dust or alkaline contamination that could cause corrosion and early deterioration to the cable and system.


A Smart Connector

There is an indicator light built into the connector lead that will illuminate when a secure connection is made. Immediately you’ll know if the connection is good to go during installation because the green light will turn on. This piece of tech was introduced to make troubleshooting more efficient. If a fixture isn’t working, you don’t have to check the connection and the light: if the light is on, you know you’ve got a fixture issue. If the indicator light isn’t on, you’ve got an issue with your connection. It’s programmed to last as long as the fixture does without burning out and it’s built on the bottom/back side of the connector lead so that the light isn’t easily visible after installation.

The bright yellow color wasn’t just a branding choice, it was selected to make troubleshooting easy too: quickly find where the connection points are in mulch, sod, or buried amongst all your other black low-voltage cables.

Compact Quick-Connector

The Cobra Connector was designed to be as compact as possible so that hiding it in mulch/sod or under decks/pavers, is easy. The connector might be small at 1" x 1" x 1.14" with a short 3.5" lead, but it's still mighty. Complete with 4 fangs that puncture the low-voltage cable and release dielectric grease, you'll get a complete airtight seal every time.


There are only 5 incredibly simply steps for installing the connector:

  1. Open the latch.
  2. Place the cable on the channel.
  3. Close the latch to lock the cable in place.
  4. Push the lever closed to pierce the cable with the Fangs and dispense the dielectric grease. This is when the indicator light will turn on.
  5. Connect the fixture with the Cobra Connector by threading the two connection points together.


Built North-American strong, the connector is designed to withstand harsh climates and rough handling. We’ve tested it ourselves: stomped on it, drove heavy landscape machinery over it… You know, all the realistic things that could happen at a job site. But we also have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that allows us to put our connector to the (real) test. To learn more about our product testing, watch the video here:





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