Earth Day Clean Up

Earth Day Clean Up

On April 22nd 2024, some of our BOLD team members set out to participate in the The Great Global Clean Up. Joining millions of people around the world, we made a small difference this Earth Day by picking up trash around our head office in London, Ontario. 

Picking up garbage isn't the most exhilarating or entertaining thing, but we had a great time nonetheless: It was a beautiful day to spend some time outside and in the sunshine. Plus, our team just likes spending time together... Doing something great for the planet while being together is just a bonus!

As a company, we're dedicated to doing what we can for the planet: from picking up garbage in our community, to the energy-efficiency we design into our products, and the conscious decisions we make with our product packaging.  

BOLD Outdoor Lighting products are extremely energy efficient (some of our recessed lights pull as little as 1.15 VA). Operating at lower voltage levels means the BOLD system consumes less power: which is great for the planet and for your wallet!

Our products are packaged in recyclable cardboard and small pieces are wrapped in paper bags. We do our best to promote our marketing materials digitally instead of only pushing out hard copies of our brochures, price guides, and more. We reduce the use of plastics wherever we can and are committed to continuously improving our packaging to be more eco-friendly!

Looking for more information on The Great Global Clean Up and how you can get involved next year? Visit 

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